Mtec Invests In A New State-Of-The-Art Multi Loader

July 2023

At Mtec Fine art, we continuously look for ways to increase our productivity and invest in the latest operational equipment. 

We strive to ensure that the delivery of our work is highly efficient, meeting the demands and needs of our clients with a reliable service. Our Managing Director, Scott Carpenter recently took delivery of a new Multi Loader. We approached GGR Group, the no.1 provider of lifting solutions to acquire and invest in this state-of-the-art Multi Loader 5.5 with Crane Attachment.

This Multi Loader 5.5 with Crane Attachment offers a bespoke solution to many challenges that arise when delivering projects. With a 5500kg bed capacity and 990kg crane capacity, this innovative solution is able to manoeuvre and transport artworks of various sizes and weights with utmost care and precision. The Multi Loader’s bed provides a stable and safe base for any art piece, allowing it to be transported across rough terrain and up ramps with gradients up to 25˚.

With this new addition to our fleet of machinery at Mtec Fine Art, we’re now able to perform a number of duties with a little more ease. The Multi Loader 5.5, recognised for its durability and precision controls, empowers Mtec Fine Art to execute art installations, relocations, and other art-handling tasks with the highest level of professionalism.

Graeme Riley, CEO of GGR Group – “This collaboration enables Mtec Fine Art to further enhance their art handling capabilities, ensuring the safe transportation and installation of valuable artworks. We are confident that the Multi Loader 5.5’s advanced features will greatly contribute to Mtec’s success in the art logistics industry.”

This partnership between Mtec Fine Art and GGR Group showcases the shared commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. This investment strengthens our position as leading fine art handlers, further demonstrating our dedication to providing an exceptional service to our clients. For more information on the Multi-Loader we’ve purchased, or any other related machinery, visit the GGR website.