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Mtec Fine Art Handling Staff Spotlight - Ashley Hill

Staff Spotlight – Ashley Hill

I enjoy working on the variety of cases, making standard cases for shipping around the world, to making bespoke plinths.
They’re all different, from cases made for art exhibitions outside the City of London, compared to those for the likes of events such as FRIEZE Art Fair.

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Mtec Fine Art Handling Staff Spotlight - Stanzi Carpenter

Staff Spotlight – Stanzi Carpenter

I’ve been with Mtec for six months now, the journey has been interesting, many twists and turns as I joined the business at a time when the government had introduced the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

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Mtec Fine Art Handling Staff Spotlight - John Branch

Staff Spotlight – John Branch

I have been with Mtec for 18 years now. I started off a young apprentice who had no knowledge of how to wrap, move, install or deinstall art works. I was placed under a senior member of staff who took me under their wing and shared their knowledge with me and other trainees. One on one, in-house training along with being sent on numerous training courses has helped me rise through the ranks at Mtec.

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