Mtec Reusable Rental Crates

May 2023

We now offer clients our Mtec Reusable Rental Crates for Fine Art Transportation, Handling and Storage. At Mtec, we understand the importance of growing environmental concerns and actively look for ways to implement measures and services that assist in reducing our impact on the environment. In support of the climate crisis and working towards a sustainable future, our in-house Packing and Crating team have brought a part of our vision to reality.

Our reusable rental crates are lighter than traditional cases, with the inclusion of Correx board panels to complete and secure the frame. Artworks can be hung inside the travel frames securely with internal bars and stilts, providing protection against shocks and vibrations. We offer our clients a range of sizes with internal storage space to consolidate artworks.

Contact us today for more information on our reusable rental crates, or any other art handling services.