Staff Spotlight – John Branch

April 2023

We recently caught up with Director and Project Manager, John Branch on his time at Mtec 

How long have you been with Mtec and what has your journey been like?

I have been with Mtec for 18 years now. I started off a young apprentice who had no knowledge of how to wrap, move, install or deinstall art works. I was placed under a senior member of staff who took me under their wing and shared their knowledge with me and other trainees. One on one, in-house training along with being sent on numerous training courses has helped me rise through the ranks at Mtec.

What has been your most exciting or successful project to be involved in and why?

My favourite project has to be the Anish Kapoor installation in Istanbul, Turkey. This installation posed many issues such as the scale and weight of the art work along with access issues and the delicate nature of the works. This installation took place over two weeks on site, the 105 tons worth of various sculptures were installed over three floors and had to be lifted and lowered to the installation floors using block and tackles.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Being a Director and Project Manager at Mtec gives me the chance to deal with all sorts of roles and responsibilities during the working week, my favourite part of the job is finding solutions to problems that can arise within various parts of a project, such as access, sizes, weights of sculptures.

What gives Mtec the edge over competitors?

In the 18 years I have worked at Mtec it has always been the vision to be able to give our customers the best all round service in the art world, hence why Mtec have grown into the company we are today, covering every service a client could need for their art work. Mtec today provides a one-stop worldwide service including Transport, Shipping, Storage, Customs Handling, Project Management, Installation, Fabrication and Viewing Rooms.

What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge working at Mtec has always been believing in myself, as much as the company has always believed in me.