Staff Spotlight – Stanzi Carpenter

June 2023

We recently caught up with Customs Coordinator,
Stanzi Carpenter on her time at Mtec 

How long have you been with Mtec and what has your journey been like?

I’ve been with Mtec for six months now, the journey has been interesting, many twists and turns as I joined the business at a time when the government had introduced the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Every day is completely different in a positive way. It’s a very unique role as in the world of
Customs you can be dealing with private clients as well as larger entities such as galleries.
I personally feel we have a great working relationship as a team and Mtec is a place
where I can be myself.

Mtec Fine Art Handling Staff Spotlight - Stanzi Carpenter

What has been your biggest challenge?

So far it has been getting to grips with the procedures of Customs, especially CDS. I find it satisfying when I gain an understanding of any new system or workflow, I’m always learning.

Do you have a favourite artist?

At a young age I visited St Ives and particularly liked the works of Barbara Hepworth but I also had an interest in paintings and historic artists such as Kandinsky and Monet as a child. More
recently, I was encouraged to visit a gallery exhibiting Yayoi Kusama work whilst in Japan and I’ve followed her work ever since.

What gives Mtec the edge over competitors?

The fact that Mtec has an in-house Customs team, an asset that many other organisations would outsource. It’s a massive advantage as we can do things that many art shipping companies would need to factor in time to coordinate, as a team we can raise declarations and transit documents ourselves. I can see how the growth of this department has contributed greatly to the business.