Staff Spotlight – Andy Abello

January 2024

We recently caught up with Warehouse Manager, Andy Abello on his time at Mtec 

How long have you been with Mtec and what were you doing before?

I’ve been with Mtec now for a year and a half. Previously I was managing a pharmaceutical wholesale warehouse.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I like the challenge of creating space, which sounds really boring but I quite like managing and making use of the warehouse and storage. I also like the fact that I work with technicians who are knowledgeable about art, I’m constantly learning about artists, installations and generally how the industry works. With warehouses in any other industry, you could put one inside another and it would function, however it’s different with art.


What has been your biggest challenge?

I’d say my biggest challenge so far has been adjusting to the requirement at Enfield, being self-sufficient. As a satellite site, the need for clear communication between departments and clients is key to running our Mtec Enfield warehouse efficiently.


What gives Mtec the edge over competitors?

I’d genuinely say that Mtec challenge the impossible even with unrealistic requests.
Whether logistically or time pressing, at Enfield everyone pulls together and we rarely say no.


What has changed in your department?

Previously, everyone would come in and start at the same time, now we start and leave at different times depending on the business’ requirements. We focus on providing our clients with the best service and these measures ensure that employees are always switched on and attentive, have a better work and life balance and close each working week without feeling burnt out.

Mtec Fine Art Handling Staff Spotlight - Andy Abello